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Whoever you are, MIST has a place for you! Check out all the ways you can get involved:

Register Online 

If you're a high schooler, you can compete at MIST. Find out how to register by clicking below.


MIST always needs volunteers throughout the weekend. If you'd like to get involved with MIST, volunteering is a great way to get started. If you'd like to sign up to volunteer, fill out our form by clicking below.


Are you going to be coaching in the upcoming tournament? Click below for more information.


Ambassadors are responsible for coordinating their team's registration. If you'd like to be the ambassador for your team, or you need resources on how your team can complete its registration, click below




A Coach's Guide to MIST Detroit


What is MIST?

If you’ve never been exposed to MIST before and some students just asked you to be their coach, you might be a little shell-shocked. No worries, we’ll get you acquainted with MIST. Boiled down, MIST is a series of competitions held over a weekend ranging from fashion design to oratory. Students compete in most competitions individually, but there are several group competitions as well. Competitors attend MIST as part of a team representing their high school. When not competing, they’re attending a specially-designed workshop or rooting for fellow teammates. All MIST competitions are held over one weekend at Wayne State, apart from basketball/soccer.

WHAT would you do as a coach?

Before MIST, you should make sure the Ambassador is not having any troubles organizing the team. During MIST, you should make sure all your team’s competitors are where they’re supposed to be. Coaches must keep track of each student they’re supervising, and make sure they’re following MIST Detroit’s Rules. You’d also have to serve as the point of contact in case of an emergency, or if a student needs to be reached by his or her parents. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that all parents/guardians of team members have your current phone number and email address. You MUST attend all of MIST – if you are not available the entire weekend of MIST Detroit, you may not be a Coach! Don’t forget, you also need to bring a signed Coach Contract, available on our Resources webpage, to MIST.

Are there other team coaches?

Possibly – every team must have at least one coach. If your team has more than 7 members of both gender, there must be two coaches, one of each gender. Make sure you get in touch with the other team coaches before MIST. All coaches attend MIST for free.

Do I Need To Register?

Yes! You must register online at www.web.adderpit.com/MIST. There are step-by-step instructions and videos available on our Registration webpage. After joining the team (the Ambassador must approve your membership), you will have to approve the team roster. This is your chance to double check the Ambassador’s registration work and make sure all participants who wanted to participate has the opportunity. You must approve your team’s registration before it is finalized. The early registration deadline is February 5th, 2017. The late registration deadline is February 12th, 2017


Register Online

Register Online

1. Sign Up on Adderpit

Adderpit is our registration system. Click here to create an account.

2. Join Your School's Team  

Ask your team's ambassador for your school code. If your school doesn't yet have a team, or if you don't know who's your ambassador, email us at info@mistdetroit.com to create one!

3. Register for Competitions

Register for the competitions you'd like to do. If you'd like more information about each competition, check out the rulebookRemember: you can only join one competition per category.

4. Pay the Registration Fee

Adderpit will show you how to do so. We are no longer accepting financial aid requests, as the deadline was February 5th 2017.

5. Fill Out and Send Us the Liability Waiver

Download and print the 2017 liability waiver. Then fill it out and email it to registration@mistdetroit.com by February 17th, 2017. 

If you're not the team's ambassador, you're done! Scroll down to see ambassadors' resources




Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to be part of something great! Now down to business:

What are YOU in charge of?

You have to make sure a team from your school attends MIST! That means you have to find 1-2 coaches and, ideally, 10 or more competitors. We’re not going to tell you how to do that, but it has to happen. However, we do have a ton of materials to help you out posted on our website. You can find brochures, flyers, FAQs, and more to convince your classmates to join the team.


A Coach can be a parent, teacher, older sibling, or community mentor who several team members know personally. If your team is over 7 members large, you must have two coaches, one of each gender. Remember, every Coach must sign a Coach Contract, available on our website. The Coach’s contact information must be available to all teammates and their parents. All Coaches must be 21 or older.


There are six dates which you absolutely need everyone on your team to know:

  1. Financial Aid Requests Deadline: February 5th
  2. Early Registration Deadline: February 5th at midnight ($5 more/person after this date).
  3. Late Registration Deadline: February 12th at midnight
  4. MIST Detroit: March 11th & 12th
  5. Basketball/soccer competition: March 18th
  6. Awards ceremony: March 19th

Online Registration

Registration is done online at www.web.adderpit.com/MIST. All team members (competitors and coaches) must make an account and apply to join your team. You must then accept their requests and ensure that they have all registered for the correct competitions and paid their $40 admission fee. Once all that is done, submit your registration to the coach(es) for approval. AFTER a coach approves the roster, your team’s online registration is done. Step-by-step instructions and videos are available on our Registration page. We recommend you tell your teammates to use their current and personal email addresses and cell phone numbers when registering online. MIST does not give this information to third-parties, and it can be very useful to you before and during MIST to contact competitors. If your team does not finalize registration before the early registration deadline, all competitors will be charged an ADDITIONAL $5. All registration must be finalized before the late registration deadline – no exceptions.

We suggest that the Ambassador set a date for all team members to have registered for their competitions and paid their fees. 

At any point during the process, the Ambassador can view all the competitions that each team member is signed up for. This can be done by clicking on Coordinate Registration in the task chart. It is the Ambassador’s responsibility to ensure that everyone is correctly signed up. The Ambassador has the ability to make any changes to the competitions that team members are signed up for (do this with the team's consensus). Once the team registration most accurately reflects the decisions of the team, the Ambassador may finalize registration. 

Request the Coach's Approval

Once the competitions are correct, submit the team’s registration for the coach’s approval. Click on Request Coach Approval in the task chart. Once you submit the request for approval the registration process for your team is temporarily frozen. No changes can be made to any of the competitions.

The coach may either approve or deny your registration. If the coach denies it, you will have the opportunity to make changes, and resubmit. Once the coach has approved, you're done!

Liability Waivers

Every team member must submit a Liability Waiver. Competitors in Basketball/Soccer must submit an additional one. Coaches must submit a Coach Contract. All this paperwork must be brought to MIST.

Click the image to download the file

Click the image to download the file


It is your responsibility that the proper number of competitors are signed up for each competition. Take a look at the Competition Signup Sheet to the right for help with this. Remember to keep in mind individual competitions require each individual to submit a separate project.

Basketball & Soccer

We encourage you to use Basketball/Soccer as a draw for competitors! However, keep in mind the several caveats. First, competitors must compete in at least one other competition if competing in Basketball/Soccer. Second, an additional Liability Waiver is required of all Basketball/Soccer competitors. Third, Basketball/Soccer requires at least five members, unlike other Bracket and Group competitions. Fourth, Basketball/Soccer is held on a separate weekend, a week before the rest of MIST Detroit.

What to Expect

The most surprising thing about MIST for first-timers is the dress code – business casual through and through! Make sure your team dresses well and behaves professionally throughout the weekend. Your team coach(es) should help you with that. This year all meals the weekend of competitions (March 11 and 12) will be open-campus style. We will be speaking to local restaurants and will share a list in our booklet. We’ll be releasing a program a few weeks before MIST, so make sure everyone takes a look at that and knows what they’ll be doing when. When teammates are not competing, they should be attending a workshop (which counts for points!) or spectating another competition.

Point System

Every competition a teammate competes in (and places in at least fifth place) earns the individual and your team points. The teams and individuals with the highest number of points (to third place) are recognized at the Awards Ceremony. Competitors who do not show up to competitions automatically lose 2 points, and in bracket competitions, they lose 4 points.

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony is the highlight of MIST!

All competitors who placed third or higher in every single competition are recognized and awarded a medal. The top three teams and individuals are also recognized, as well as the winners of the Team Spirit Awards. The Awards Ceremony is open to all the community, so please invite your family and friends!


MIST Detroit will be offering a $1000 CASH scholarship to the top placed individual!

We will also be giving out an additional $2500 worth of prizes throughout the weekend – in the past, this has ranged from trophies and medals to tuition deductions for summer Arabic Intensive programs to iPads!

Team Spirit Awards

MIST loves demonstrations of team spirit! This year, the following awards will be given to different teams. Keep in mind, each award is worth points towards your team’s score – the winning school will receive 10 points.

  • Multiple Pre-MIST Spirit Competitions (Online)
  • Best banner (Each school is to make its own MIST poster promoting their school. The poster must clearly promote the school’s team, how they are the best and are going to win it all, while also promoting MIST. Posters will be marked on creativity and attractiveness. Bring the banner to the weekend of MIST!)
  • Best dressed
  • Best chant
  • Most MISTified
  • Most congenial

MIST Nationals

As you know, MIST is a national organization with chapters like Detroit across the US and Canada. Every summer, the top individuals (anyone who placed above fifth place in any competition) from these chapters come together and compete in one tournament, MIST Nationals. You could use Nationals as another marketing tool – after all, who doesn’t want to spend a weekend away from home in the summer? This year’s location of MIST Nationals will be announced soon.