Form a Team


Form a Team

Already have an MSA?

Talk to your MSA board about MIST and setup a meeting for all MSA members exclusively about MIST.  Email us at info@mistdetroit.com so we can see if a MIST organizer can come to your high school and help you convince others in your MSA to participate in MIST.  If the MSA as a whole chooses not to participate in MIST, the few members who want to join the tournament can still represent your high school.

Don’t have an MSA?

Try to form one!  Try your best to form an Islamic educational organization open to students/faculty of any religion, gender, or national origin in your high school, if you do not have one already, refer to How to Form an MSA. Having an organization or MSA will make it easier to keep registration organized.  If you can’t form a MSA, try going to a cultural organization, or even your student government to sponsor MIST.

You may still compete if your high school does not have a school-recognized MSA or Muslim club. Just gather the students who are interested in MIST, encourage others to participate as well and if they meet the above qualifications you are ready to start registration! And remember that even if you’re not competing you can register as a guest! Registering as a guest allows full access to everything that competitors receive – the only difference is that guests cannot enter into any competitions.

Requirements for all Teams

  1. Have at least one competitor.  Can’t get anyone else from your high school to come?  Email us at info@mistdetroit.com so we can come in and help you out!
  2. Have 1-2 coaches over the age of 21.  If you have competitors of both genders, you MUST have 2 coaches of each gender.
  3. Have an Ambassador to run the team’s registration.
  4. Have all competitors, ambassadors,  coaches, and guests fill out the appropriate Liability Waivers.

Whether or not a high school currently has an MSA, the students must form/join the MIST team from their OWN high school.  All students from a school must register together as one team.


Remember, MIST is open to people of all faiths and cultures to share in the spirit of Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood that makes the tournament amazing. Are you Muslim and have a bunch of friends who aren’t but would love to compete? Add them to your team! Not Muslim but interested in competing and learning more about Islam? Join your school’s team!




What can I do right now?

Get your team together and register now! The early registration deadline is February 14th, 2018 so make sure you give yourself enough time to turn everything in on time.

Visit our Registration page for complete details.  In summary, you must form a team at your school with two coaches (one of each gender), register online at www.adderpit.com/MIST, and turn in your liability waivers.

What do I need to register?

Can I join another school’s team? I don’t have a team at my school.

Make your own team! The purpose of MIST is to get people motivated to do something fun and educational. Recruit members from your own high school. We can’t let high schools join together because we want to keep the competition at MIST as fair as possible.

My school hardly has any Muslims in it, can I still make a team?

Of course! MIST is a educational tournament open to all high schoolers, regardless of faith. Also your team can be as small as one person. Awards will be both individual based as well team-based so you still have a shot even if you are the sole person on your team.

Can I be in more than one competition?

Yes, as long as the competitions are in different categories. So for example, if you want to do essay writing (Writing & Oratory) you can also do 3D Art (Arts). But you cannot do photography (Arts) and 3D Art (Arts) because both of those are in the same category. So even if you have a small team, you can manage it in a way to maximize the amount of competitions you’re in. One person can participate in up to five competitions (one for each category).

Can I have non-Muslims on my team?

Yes. MIST accommodates everyone. It’s a nice way for non-Muslims to interact with the Muslim community and learn more about Islam.

Does MIST have any prizes for winners?

Yes, MIST provides prizes for its top overall individuals which change year-to-year. The First Place Overall Individual will receive a $1000 cash scholarship, which will be provided when the competitor graduates high school and provides proof of college enrollment.  It is limited to expenses related to university only, and must be accepted within one month of graduation.  All other prizes provided must be redeemed within one month of the tournament they are won at.

Can eighth graders attend MIST?

MIST is a competition designed for high school (9-12) students.  However, many schools, such as K-12 or 8-12 schools, include eighth graders who are talented and mature enough to compete alongside high school students.  So if an eighth grader attending one of these schools would like to attend MIST, they must obtain a letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or principal.

Can I get a refund if something comes up?

Unfortunately, no refunds are allowed, even if competitors are improperly registered or must be dropped from the team

If you register by the early registration deadline of February 14th, 2018, the fee will be $40. If you register between then and the late registration deadline of February 24th, 2018, the fee will be $45.  You have until February 24th to finalize all registration – registration will be closed after this date.

What are the registration fees?  What is the late fee?

I just want to play basketball/soccer, nothing else.  Is that possible?


NO! Being a well-rounded student doesn’t mean being awesome at Basketball/Soccer and not being able to do anything else!  Any competitor who participates in Basketball/Soccer must also compete in at least one other competition.  If we find that a competitor violates this rule, not only will the team in question be docked points, but the competitor will be disqualified from competing in basketball/soccer.

Remember, all basketball/soccer participants must sign and submit a separate liability waiver.  Don’t forget that a basketball/soccer team must be made up of at least five participants, unlike the other Group competitions.

Also remember that basketball/soccer will be held on a separate date: March 24th 2017.  If you are participating in basketball/soccer, you MUST attend both the weekend of basketball/soccer, and MIST itself.  Otherwise you will be deducted points and you will face disqualification.

MIST is made up of several different regions, one of which is Detroit.  MIST Nationals is when all the regions come together to compete, with the top three-five individuals in each regional competition being able to participate in Nationals. Nationals 2016 will be held in Toronto, and the venue will be announced shortly.  The more participants who attend from Detroit, the cheaper it is for everyone to go.  Shortly after MIST Detroit, more information will be posted about this.

What is MIST Nationals?

Can I bring someone who won’t be competing to MIST?

Yes, but they must register beforehand as a Guest.  They must also pay the $40 registration fee and submit a liability waiver (find one on our Docs page).

If you still have questions after reading this guide, feel free to email us at registration@mistdetroit.com!, or fill out the form below

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