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MIST Detroit


MIST Detroit

MIST Detroit


MIST is a unique program designed for today's American youth. It is famous for being a fun, educational, interactive program of competitions and workshops geared towards bringing high school students together from around the nation to develop leadership, communication, and other creative skills, all while gaining a deeper understanding of Islam and Muslims. 



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In the age of social media, flaunting our lives online can be a source of success. Even when we intend to spread positivity through gaining popularity, we may see humility as an obstacle to that goal. How do we inculcate the virtue of humility when it seemingly brings us down? If we've learned that humility is a weakness, then this shortsighted understanding veils us from its possible hidden strength. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, once said, "…no one humbles themselves for the sake of God except that God raises their status” (Muslim).

It’s easy to fall prey to our pride. To gain more esteem in the eyes of others, we may follow celebrities who tell us what to buy or how to act. We may look at what others possess and compete with one another to project a lifestyle of success. Is our dignity found in the validation of others, or do we find it on our own terms?

Does humility require shunning the world in order to be humble and find our dignity? Not necessarily, according to prophetic teachings. For example, after Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, told his companions that “no one who has even a seed of arrogance in their heart will enter paradise,” a man objected saying, “I love to have beautiful clothes and shoes.” The Prophet, peace be upon him, alleviated the man’s concerns by replying, “God is beautiful, and He loves beauty. Arrogance means rejecting the truth and looking down on people” (Muslim).

The struggle for humility can be challenging, confusing, and even paradoxical, but it can yield amazing results. We encourage you to creatively explore these concepts, and more, in Regional and National competitions and workshops during MIST 2019. Remember that unique projects displaying creativity and insight will be judged most favorably.


2019 Rankings

2019 Rankings

Congratulations to all competitors who placed in competitions! The top THREE* competitors in each competition have the option of representing Detroit at Nationals this year.

We look forward to seeing you at Nationals, July 26-28, 2019 in Baltimore, MD. Stay tuned for more information!

*Except in a select number of pilot competitions only offered at the regional level, starred below.

**Ranking has been corrected after incorrect announcement at Awards Ceremony. We sincerely apologize for the mistake, the correct rankings are listed below.

Top Overall Rankings:

Top Overall Teams:

  1. Canton Camels

  2. WIHI Wolves

  3. ATA Ameers

  4. MIA Eagles

  5. Harrison Hawks

Top Overall Individuals:

  1. Zeshan Fahim (WIHI Wolves)

  2. Zulaikha Zakiullah (Massey Mustangs)

  3. Anis Rehman (Canton Camels)

  4. Ahsan Ahmed (Canton Camels)

  5. Zahra Basha (Bloomfield Hills Blackhawks)

Knowledge & Quran:

Sisters Quran Level One:

  1. Aamina Rehman

  2. Maysa Tarabain

  3. Rida Yunus

Sisters Quran Level Two:

  1. Sumaia Alsuraimi

  2. Afnan Ali

  3. Muskan Ahmad

Sisters Quran Level Three:

  1. Neda Kortam

  2. Asya Abudayya

  3. Esraa Abukhadijeh

Sisters Quran Level Four:

  1. Safiya Uzhunnan

  2. Sarah Abukhadijeh

  3. Hafsa Sultana

Brothers Quran Level One:

  1. Affan Khawaja

  2. Kaamil Khawaja

  3. Ibrahim Chaudhry

Brothers Quran Level Two:

  1. Abdur-Rehman Khan

  2. Hammad Khan

  3. Areeb Nadeem

Brothers Quran Level Three:

  1. Zeshan Fahim

  2. Arju Hussain

  3. Waseem Almaat

Brothers Quran Level Four:

  1. Haashir Ali**

  2. Hamzah Bilal**

  3. Aimon Islam** & Humza Irfan** (both will compete at Nationals)

Knowledge Test One:

  1. Salik Aslam

  2. Wasey Rehman

  3. Zahra Patni

Knowledge Test Two:

  1. Hafsah Choudhury

  2. Aboubacar Sangary

  3. Rukyah Rafique

Knowledge Test Three:

  1. Zulaikha Zakiullah

  2. Taha Khan

  3. Aamina Hussain

Knowledge Test Four:

  1. Ahsan Ahmed

  2. Hamzah Hussain

  3. Muqit Essani


2D Art:

  1. Saima Siddiqui

  2. Aalleyah Fysudeen

  3. Manaal Syed

3D Art:

  1. Dalal Sohoubah

  2. Safa Younus

  3. Ayesha Khan

*Culinary Arts:

  1. Manaal Zubair

  2. Hafsa Aslam

  3. Kulsum Siddiqui

Fashion Design:

  1. Malaikah Saadiq**

  2. Manal Chishty**

  3. Mohammed AlKhuzaee

Graphic Design:

  1. Zahra Basha

  2. Daifallah Hassan

  3. Reem Boudali


  1. Mohamed Ali

  2. Aya Bazzi

  3. Aabid Syed


  1. Harrison Hawks

  2. MIA Eagles

  3. WIHI Wolves



  1. WIHI Wolves

  2. Woodhaven Warriors

  3. Troy High Colts

MIST Bowl:

  1. Canton Camels

  2. WIHI Wolves

  3. ATA Ameers

Math Olympics:

  1. Zulaikha Zakiullah

  2. Usman Ali

  3. Nimah Nadeem

Brothers Improv:

  1. WIHI Wolves

  2. Canton Camels

  3. Bloomfield Blackhawks

Sisters Improv:

  1. Bloomfield Blackhawks

  2. Canton Camels

  3. Henry Ford Hunters

Writing & Oratory:

American Sign Language*:

  1. Maria Kasparek

  2. Noor Mansoor

  3. Sana Ansari

Extemporaneous Essay:

  1. Anis Rehman

  2. Aina Zaidi

  3. Usman Ali

Extemporaneous Speaking:

  1. Ayaan Jilani

  2. Raamiz Qureshi

  3. Hadi Syed

Original Oratory:

  1. Taqwa Almasmari

  2. Zoha Khan

  3. Aeisa Humayra

Written Poetry:

  1. Vanessa Norman

  2. Zeshan Fahim

  3. Amira Rabbah

Spoken Word:

  1. Lemisse Abdelbaqui

  2. Naeem Saleem

  3. Tahani Peracha

Short Fictional Story:

  1. Safiya Shabandri

  2. Zoya Malik

  3. Anamta Masoodi

Prepared Essay:

  1. Asma Zakir Syed

  2. Maaz Munawar

  3. Humzah Khan

Group Projects:

Brothers’ Nasheed/Rap:

  1. WIHI Wolves

  2. ATA Ameers

  3. MIA Eagles

Sisters’ Nasheed/Rap:

  1. ATA Ameers

  2. West Bloomfield

  3. WIHI Wolves

Business Venture:

  1. WIHI Wolves

  2. Henry Ford Hunters

  3. Woodhaven Warriors

Humanitarian Service:

  1. Canton Camels

  2. MIA Eagles

  3. WIHI Wolves

Science Fair:

  1. WIHI Wolves

  2. Canton Camels

  3. MIA Eagles

Social Media:

  1. MIA Eagles

  2. ATA Ameers

  3. Canton Camels

Short Film:

  1. Rochester Adams

  2. Canton Camels

  3. ATA Ameers

Mobile apps*

  1. Massey Mustangs

  2. WIHI Wolves

  3. Canton Camels


Sisters Basketball:

  1. Bloomfield Hills Blackhawks

  2. Canton Camels

  3. Henry Ford Hunters

Brothers Basketball:

  1. North Farmington HS

  2. Canton Camels

  3. West Bloomfield HS/Detroit Country Day Coalition

Sisters Soccer*:

  1. Henry Ford Hunters/Northville HS Coalition

  2. WIHI Wolves

  3. Canton Camels

Brothers Soccer*:

  1. Canton Camels/Northville HS/IA East Phoenix Coalition

  2. Edsel Ford/Henry Ford Hunters Coalition

  3. Grand Blanc/Carman-Ainsworth Coalition


*These are pilot competitions which are only offered at the regional level

**Ranking has been corrected after incorrect announcement at Awards Ceremony

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