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MIST Detroit


MIST Detroit

MIST Detroit

MIST is a unique program designed for today's American youth. It is famous for being a fun, educational, interactive program of competitions and workshops geared towards bringing high school students together from around the nation to develop leadership, communication, and other creative skills, all while gaining a deeper understanding of Islam and Muslims. 


The official rulebook for MIST 2018 has been released! Click the link to download!

Registration for MIST 2018 has opened! Register at web.adderpit.com/MIST!

Early Registration Deadline: February 14th, 2018 ($40)

Late Registration Deadline: February 24th, 2018 ($45)

VOLUNTEER AND SECURITY APPLICATION IS UP!                                                                 https://goo.gl/forms/3gnTmiFXA5t1A5VA2

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MIST Awards Ceremony.jpg

2017 Rankings

2017 Rankings

Congratulations to all competitors who placed in competitions! The top four competitors in each competition have the option of representing Detroit at Nationals this year.

We look forward to seeing you at Nationals, July 28-30, 2017 in Detroit, MI. Stay tuned for more information!

*Except in a select number of pilot competitions only offered at the regional level, starred below.

Top Overall Rankings:

Top Overall Teams:

  1. WIHI Wolves
  2. Canton Camels
  3. IA East Phoenix
  4. ATA Ameers
  5. International Academy Central

Top Overall Individuals:

  1. Rumyah Rafique (IA East Phoenix)
  2. Muaaz Wajahath (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Nageen Ahmad (WIHI Wolves)

Knowledge & Quran:

Sisters Quran Level One:

  1. Suha Iqbal (IA East Phoenix)
  2. Noor Al-Qouqa (Michigan Islamic Academy)
  3. Amina Hafeez (Canton Camels)
  4. Raiyan Ahmed (Canton Camels)

Sisters Quran Level Two:

  1. Sana Ishaqsei (Michigan Islamic Academy)
  2. Aqsa Kanwal (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Hania Khan (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Malak Almasnaah (Fordson High School)

Sisters Quran Level Three:

  1. Asya Abudayya (ATA Ameers)
  2. Malak Abuzama (Canton Camels)
  3. Nuha Malik (Harrison High School)

Sisters Quran Level Four:

  1. Maymuna Jamil (ECA Eagles)
  2. Neda Kortam (Canton Camels)
  3. Nageen Ahmad (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Mariam Samir (ECA Eagles)

Brothers Quran Level One:

  1. Muhammad Khan (Canton Prep Cats)
  2. Abdulrahman Ateya (Canton Camels)
  3. Raaim Farooqui (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Ahmad Khan (WIHI Wolves)

Brothers Quran Level Two:

  1. Ibrahim Chaudhry (WIHI Wolves)
  2. Fayyad Choudhury (Cass Tech)
  3. Sayem Khan (Cass Tech)
  4. Basil Alsubee (BHHS Blackhawks)

Brothers Quran Level Three:

  1. Sohaib Khan (Rochester Adams)
  2. Aimon Islam (ATA Ameers)
  3. Affaan Saadat (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Naheel Ahmed (WIHI Wolves)

Brothers Quran Level Four:

  1. Riyyan Izzathullah (Rochester Adams)
  2. Bilal Tarar (Genesee Academy)
  3. AbdulHadhi Asif (Canton Camels)
  4. Areeb Ansari (WIHI Wolves)

Knowledge Test One:

  1. Rayyan Latif (WIHI Wolves)
  2. Rumyah Rafique (IA East Phoenix)
  3. Sali Sanogo (ATA Ameers)
  4. Aalia Siddiqui (Canton Camels)

Knowledge Test Two:

  1. Anis Rehman (Canton Camels)
  2. Rida Farook (IA East Phoenix)
  3. Varisha Essani (North Farmington Raiders)
  4. Isa Ahmed (Henry Ford Hyenas)

Knowledge Test Three:

  1. Sana Latif (Athens Red Hawks)
  2. Tayiba Uddin (ATA Ameers)
  3. Fatima Idrees (Harrison High School)
  4. Fatima Khalid (WIHI Wolves)

Knowledge Test Four:

  1. Salik Aslam (Canton Camels)
  2. Rahima Tufail (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Osman Azharuddin (Troy High Colts)
  4. Sameed Khan (Canton Camels)


2D Art:

  1. Fatima Wasi (WIHI Wolves)
  2. Kinzah Fatima (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Malak Almasnaah (Fordson High School)
  4. Saima Siddiqui (Northville Highschool)

3D Art:

  1. Muaaz Wajahath (WIHI Wolves)
  2. Haaniya Mallick (Canton Camels)
  3. Ayesha Khan (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Mayar Zamzam (International Academy Central)

*Culinary Arts:

  1. Huda Vaid (WTMC)
  2. Aqsa Kanwal (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Murryum Farooqi (Troy High Colts)
  4. Olfut Abdulaziz (Dearborn High School)

Fashion Design:

  1. Musarrat Islam (ATA Ameers)
  2. Maheem Syed (IA East Phoenix)
  3. Malaikah Saadiq (ATA Ameers)
  4. Dalal Sohoubah (Henry Ford Hyenas)

Graphic Design:

  1. Sanchit Kumar (IA East Phoenix)
  2. Rumyah Rafique (IA East Phoenix)
  3. Sameed Khan (Canton Camels)
  4. Halima Begum (Cass Tech)


  1. Salwa Omar (ATA Ameers)
  2. Maryam Cheema (Henry Ford Hyenas)
  3. Sania Farooq (North Farmington Raiders)
  4. Sara Souweidane (WIHI Wolves)


  1. WIHI Wolves
  2. West Bloomfield High School
  3. Harrison High School
  4. Genesee Academy



  1. Canton Camels
  2. WIHI Wolves
  3. Athens Red Hawks
  4. BHHS Blackhawks

MIST Bowl:

  1. Rochester Adams
  2. International Academy Central
  3. Canton Camels
  4. IA East Phoenix

Math Olympics:

  1. Yaman Qalieh (International Academy Central)
  2. Kareem Mourad (Canton Camels)
  3. Azam Saleem (Canton Camels)
  4. Dalia Kassabieh (DH Champs)

Brothers Improv:

  1. WIHI Wolves
  2. IA East Phoenix
  3. Rochester Adams
  4. ATA Ameers

Sisters Improv:

  1. WIHI Wolves
  2. West Bloomfield High School
  3. Canton Camels
  4. BHHS Blackhawks

Writing & Oratory:

*American Sign Language:

  1. Lamia Tank (North Farmington Raiders)
  2. Yaman Qalieh (International Academy Central)
  3. Naheel Ahmed (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Tassnime Sebaei (Canton Camels)

Extemporaneous Essay:

  1. Manha Azam (WIHI Wolves)
  2. Furhaan Khan (IA East Phoenix)
  3. Tanyeem Shaik (Canton Camels)
  4. Zohair Khan (Genesee Academy)

Extemporaneous Speaking:

  1. Muaaz Wajahath (WIHI Wolves)
  2. Maheem Syed (IA East Phoenix)
  3. Areeb Ansari (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Nasser Junedi (West Bloomfield High School)

Original Oratory:

  1. Siham Azom (ATA Ameers)
  2. Sanghamithra Kalimi (IA East Phoenix)
  3. Nadiya Sharif (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Aeisa Humayra (ATA Ameers)

Written Poetry:

  1. Sana Ansari (Canton Camels)
  2. Faizah Muhib (Athens Red Hawks)
  3. Layla Tul Qader (Michigan Islamic Academy-MIA)
  4. Rida Farook (IA East Phoenix)

Spoken Word:

  1. Jinan Abufarha (West Bloomfield High School)
  2. Khadega Mohammed (Canton Camels)
  3. Miranda Twiss (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Fareah Fysudeen (North Farmington Raiders)

Short Fictional Story:

  1. Fajr Muhammad (ECA Eagles)
  2. Maymuna Jamil (ECA Eagles)
  3. Fatima Bhutta (Henry Ford Hyenas)
  4. Nadia Khan (International Academy Central)

Prepared Essay:

  1. Louma Kaakarli (IA East Phoenix)
  2. Khansa Alhaidi (Fordson High School)
  3. Ranya Alshahri (Cass Tech)
  4. Mayar Zamzam (International Academy Central)

Group Projects:

Brothers’ Nasheed/Rap:

  1. ATA Ameers
  2. West Bloomfield High School
  3. Genesee Academy
  4. IA East Phoenix

Sisters’ Nasheed/Rap:

  1. IA East Phoenix
  2. West Bloomfield High School
  3. WIHI Wolves
  4. Canton Camels

Business Venture:

  1. Canton Camels
  2. International Academy Central
  3. WIHI Wolves

Community Service:

  1. Canton Camels
  2. WIHI Wolves
  3. ATA Ameers
  4. International Academy Central

Science Fair:

  1. IA East Phoenix
  2. WIHI Wolves
  3. Canton Camels
  4. Grand Blanc Fobcats

Social Media:

  1. ATA Ameers
  2. Troy High Colts
  3. WIHI Wolves
  4. Rochester Adams

Short Film:

  1. IA East Phoenix
  2. International Academy Central
  3. Rochester Adams
  4. WIHI Wolves


**Sisters Basketball:

  1. Canton Camels
  2. WIHI Wolves
  3. BHHS Blackhawks

**Brothers Basketball:

  1. Cass Technical High School
  2. Canton Camels
  3. Athens Redhawks

*Sisters Soccer:

  1. WIHI Wolves
  2. IA East Phoenix & Grand Blanc Fobcats
  3. Canton Camels

*Brothers Soccer:

  1. Grand Blanc Fobcats
  2. Canton Camels & RCHS Pirates & Northville High School
  3. BHHS Blackhawks


*These are pilot competitions which are only offered at the regional level

**Only the top three in sports move on to nationals.

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